The Creative


Requires precise, powerful technology for high-definition content creation.

Creatives are often idealists: equal parts passion and intensity. Their workstations need to handle a non-stop barrage of CPUintensive tasks, day after day. Graphics manipulation. Editing. Effects. Multi-terabyte retouching. Their monitors have to be big, brilliant, production-calibre displays that live up to the art they create.

The high-speed pursuit of perfection.

Creative Rule #1: Do great work. Creative Rule #2: Show it off. The Dell Precision Family is designed for both. Delivering unmatched security and manageability, it features awesome power, memory and graphics that enable creatives to do design, video, 3D and animation. All with stunning, next-level production values. And, when they’re done, they can take their work around the office, asking modestly: “Does this look ok?” while holding up their 4K InfinityEdge display and blowing everybody away.